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MOnitor device driver not showing up in winxp

bleh, ok my computer died last week and I had to scrap the winxp pro installed on it and start anew. So trying to install a monitor driver I downloaded, I run devmgmt.msc at the Run line and there is no obvious Monitor device listed to allow for an update, checking the display properties advanced setting just tells me I'm using the default monitor but won't allow changes.
(no, the driver won't load automatically)

The current way the monitor is acting makes me almost motion sick when I scroll down.

helpfull suggestions how to get the driver installed?
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no video card installed, I had to slap a new MoBo in, and haven't progressed to the point of a video card yet
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You're plugging your monitor into some video adapter. If you haven't put in a separate video card yet, it is integrated into the motherboard. Look up the required video adapter drivers for your model of motherboard.

The monitor will probably appear as a device once the video adapter driver is installed. Monitors don't really have drivers at least at the level that you need to install, they just take standard video signals.
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k, I'll investigate around that direction, thanks
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When logged in as administrator, right-click "My Computer" and select Properties.

Click the "Hardware" tab.

Click the "Device Manager" button.

In the resulting window, under the "View" menu make sure that "Devices by Type" is selected.

There should be a "monitor" entry. (On my laptop there are three choices under it: "Default", "Generic Television", and "Plug and Play monitor".) Double-clicking any item under the "monitor" entry should bring up a popup, and the middle tab of that popup is labelled "driver".
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My apologies; that appears to be the program you're already running. But you're using a strange way to get to it, and I'm not sure that the result would be the same, especially if you're invoking it as a non-administrator.

Another approach that may help: choose "view devices by connection". Then hunt around in the tree until you find your display device. The monitor(s) should be connected to that.
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