TED Talks via Tivo?
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Using Tivo's Podcast functionality, is possible to watch or listen to TED Talks via Tivo?

Has anyone accomplished this? If so, I would appreciate detailed instructions.
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Is TED talks a video podcast?
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I was not familar with this functionality, are you saying you can record any show with Tivo and upload it as a Podcast? Sorry if that is the root of your question. Also, what are TED Talks?

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Tivo can download audio podcasts now.
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k8t: TED Talks are either audio/video.

retro: TED Talks
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You can download the audio ones easily then.
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I'm not sure I've ever heard of that podcast, so I can't specifically help you subscribe to it, but this page lists this link as the one you'd subscribe to in the TiVo (or any) podcast client. I'm not near my TiVo, but if you go into the client, you can enter a URL by hand -- enter that URL.

Of course, I'd be remiss to not also issue a warning -- TiVo's podcast client is pretty much the worst client I've ever used, bar none, and is an embarrassment to the TiVo brand. It doesn't allow you to fast forward or rewind, and it doesn't allow you to interrupt your listening without then having to restart from the very beginning; it's honestly like the same people who figured out that people want to fast forward, pause, and rewind TV haven't a clue that we like to do that with audio, too! And the explanations that the folks at TiVo have offered for this general badness are pathetically sad. You might want to consider finding a better way to listen to the podcast...
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