Norwegian sound of agreement
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What is the name of the vocalization Norwegian speakers make when they are agreeing with a speaker?

It sounds like saying 'ya', but on an inhale instead of an exhale. In English, it would be replaced by 'mmhmm'. I heard it mostly when a group of people were talking to each other, and the listeners would make the noise when they agreed with some point. What's the name of this sound, and more generally, what is the term for this kind of vocalization?
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I don't know the word you're looking for, but I think it's a regional thing. It's more common in northern Norway than in Oslo, for example.
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I don't know what it's called, but I've heard Estonians and Finns do it too.
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...swedes too - I heard this often in Stockholm as well as in Kiruna
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They're just saying yes ("ja" in Norwegian) but inhaling (why they do it I don't know, and not everyone does it).

Swedes do it too. Again, not all. (ah, seawallrunner was quicker)
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Could you be thinking of "jo"? It's used when someone protests in the affirmative to someone who has just asserted the negative. It's a bit weird. Eg:

Person A: Snakkes norske?
Person B: Nei.
Person A: Jooo!

Which roughly tranlates to:

Person A: Speak Norwegian?
Person B: No.
Person A: Yes you do!
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If I understand correctly, the oldtimers in parts of Nova Scotia do this too. (In English - inhaling while saying "yes/yep.")
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*inhales* Yep *exhales* , Nova Scotians do indeed inhale their yes sometimes. Never "no", though.
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Best answer: The word you want is ingressive.
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Any chance someone can link to a sound sample of this?

(as I'm having a heck of a time trying to say "ya" while inhaling)

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It sounds more like "hyuh" (or "hjuh" as those in the country of fjords might spell it). It's one syllable, with a breathy "h" like sound at the start, that transitions quickly into a "yuh."
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Best answer: I've always heard it referred to as an interjection, but yea it's an ingressive as well.

It's a common thing both for Norway and Sweden, but it definitely has it its regional variations. The northern Swedish version where I come from is a lot more pronounced than the Norwegian version.

My American husband loves to make fun of me for it, because it sounds very silly. I do it a lot when I'm on the phone with my parents, for example. It's primarily a northern Sweden thing too, because there is this joke:

How does a Stockholmer clean the dust from under his bed?
He brings his northern Swedish friend over, asks him to look under the bed, and asks "Dusty isn't it?".

I can't do the Norwegian one, but here is mine! ;)
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