Where do I find a brake for my Ultra Wheels (size 14, Mens) Roller Blades?
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I have a pair of Ultra Wheels rollerblades that need a new brake. Ultra Wheels is out of business -- Where can I find a new brake? (You know where to go for more...)

I wear size 14 roller blades, men's, US. My wife tried getting me new blades for my birthday, but she couldn't find size 14 anywhere, except limited, expensive Roces skates.

So, in lieu of getting new ones, we decided to fix up my current blades. All I need are new wheels and a new brake (and possibly new bearings). I found wheels. I can find bearings (although any help in choosing them would be helpful!.)

However, we cannot find a brake. I need a new brake to go on the back of my right skate for a Ultra Wheels size 14 Men's US. The skates are black and gray (I don't have a model number).

Any ideas where to look? They're ABEC 5, although if I can step them up to 7, that'd be awesome. Any help/advice is much appreciated. Will gladly respond to emails.

Thank you.
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I did a quick search on eBay, and several roller blade brakes came up. I don't know enough about rollerblades to know whether they'd be compatible with your Ultra Wheels, but it's worth a look.

eBay is my usual source for "I have no idea where I'll find this" items.
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Warning, frustrating tangential non-answer follows.

After a few months of inline skating, you can do without the brake altogether.

I noticed a lot of skaters not using brakes, so I went to pages like this, and after a few sessions' practice it's ingrained. I'm comfortable playing hockey and in NYC traffic (but not both).

Faster wheel wear makes you pay more attention to maintenance, rotating, etc., so although it's incrementally more expensive it's worth it.

Good luck with your question, and I hope it will be irrelevant soon.
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Response by poster: eBay is the first place I looked but to no avail. And we've been checking for many, many months.

Roller blade brakes are not compatible. I need a brake for an Ultra Wheels skate.
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Yeah, better give up finding the brake. There is probably only a handful left in the world, if any.

Just learn how to t-stop. It's a better way to break anyway.
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Thrift stores around here have all sorts of nearly new roller blades, most with usable brakes.
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I agree with gmarceau - the T-stop is what you're looking for. Learn to do it and you don't need brakes. It's a good way to stop at low and high speeds. I took my brakes off years ago when I learned how to T-stop.
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If you want a brake that fits many kinds of blades, check the Powerslide Road Hog or the Powerslide UBS. Either should fit any skate with a flat-sided keel, and they make them in sizes to fit 84 and 100 mm wheels. I just got the Road Hog last week (like you, my brake broke off) and it works great.
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