Conference calling services in New Zealand?
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Does anyone know of any good, one-time conference calling services with a local number in New Zealand?

I need to set up a 4 way conference call in New Zealand. I'm calling from Vancouver to three people in New Zealand, and I'd like to use a conference calling service to coordinate the call.

There's a North American firm that I currently use, but they don't have any local numbers in NZ. Ideally the service would be based in NZ, so each caller would be local and not charged long distance fees.

I've found a few, but most are based in North America, and end up charging long distance rates for each remote caller, or require that I dial out to connect to each person.

Any suggestions?
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Does it need to be set up from your end? Because Telecom in NZ does this, albeit for a small fee for the people calling. Personal local calls are free, business ones have a small per minute charge generally, and it occurs to me they'd probably be charged an international call rate for your line too. So it probably wouldn't be incredibly cheap, however it is easy to set up.

Here is the information on the Telecom site. The International Freephone option looks like it might be useful for you.
International Freephone is a new option enabling participants to call free into a New Zealand based conference from a number of locations around the world.
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