How do I watch TV on my Macbook Pro?
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How can I watch TV on my MacBook Pro? What hardware/software will I need? My room has a cable outlet where I can hook a regular TV up, but I'm a little confused as to what I need after that. (The ability to record/pause would be great, but not really needed.)
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Check out Elgato's EyeTV. There are probably more solutions but I've heard great things about this one.
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Elgato is probably the best solution IMHO.
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Miglia makes the TVMini. it's an iPod Shuffle-sized USB device that you shove in and connect the cable to on the other side, and then you work it with Elgato's EyeTV software (included). much smaller than using the real EyeTV, though that's good too. (if you want HD, they make an HD version too - it's larger, though.)
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upon more poking, elgato has something similar to the TVMini. btw, the EyeTV software does PVR stuff, so you can get channel listings and do recording and stuff like that pretty easily.
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Elgato's lineup has just turned upside down! I have an EyeTV 500 (and love it), but now they're only selling those refurb, for $200 (used to be $300 +). There's this tiny "hybrid" on the site for $150 (do they not include software anymore?) that seems to be its successor. I can't see why it's $50 cheaper than a refurb 500... any ideas?

The 250 is the old school setup that compresses analog (only) to MPEG in the box, and it's actually more expensive ($200). With your (very capable) MBP you're better off with the hybrid, which just forwards the already compressed digital stream to your computer. It apparently does analog cable too somehow, but not analog broadcast.

My head is exploding. And I'm jealous.
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Can you get something like this that fits in an express card / pcmcia slot?
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MacBook's dont have express card / pcmcia slots.
I second, third, Elgato. I've got the Twinhan Alpha on my iBook & Powerbook.

Unfortunately, in Australia, the TV guide dosen't work on it.
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Here's a bit of a hijack--

I already have a usb tuner that I used to use with my media center dell. Can this be used on my macbook? Any freeware software out there?
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although the macbook pro DOES have an express card slot.. sorry.
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Elgato EyeTV Hybrid.

Will also get HD with over the air signals, at 1080p on your nice dual core system.

Only $150 too. I can't wait for my shop to get one in, so I can play with it.
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hijack, too: if I wanted to transfer a show from my tivo (or in this case motorola dvr) to my powerbook, would the eye tv still be the way to go? connect the red-yellow-white cables to it? or is there are less expensive way?
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Right now my Win MCE has an IR-Blaster which controls my digital cable box - channels change automatically when it's time to record...

Do any of these products have an equivalent 'blaster' that would allow it to automatically change channels off my DCT when it's time to record?
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