Looking for 40" door threshold
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I'm looking for door shoe/sweep/threshold that is 40" wide, a standard door is 36" so I'm not having much luck. Anybody know where I could get such a thing (online preferably)
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I presume you already have a frame; it didn't come with the shoe?

You may have to go to a millwork company (that seems to be the keyword) and have them make you one.
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Best answer: Industrial contractor suppliers may have what you are looking for. You might also call some salvage yards in your area, because they always have doors in the yard.
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Response by poster: It's the entry door of our house. The previous owners have a plastic 36" shoe on it, with another four inches of another shoe tacked on. Perhaps shoe is the wrong word to use, in England I'd call it a draft excluder, here it seems to be called a shoe (according to the homedepot site anyway).
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Response by poster: Industrial Contractor Supplies was the keyword I needed. thanks. MSC Supply has exactly what I need
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Are you talking about a threshold, which attaches to the FLOOR where the door closes, or a door sweep, which attaches to the DOOR at the bottom? See this image.
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Since doorways that are wheelchair compatible are wider, perhaps a business that caters to wheelchair accessibility would also be of help? Maybe a look at your local phone book will get you going in the right direction.
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Response by poster: It was the sweep I was after.
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Oh. Then, not what I said. :-)
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