Help me define a list of real-world decriptions of what graphic and web designers do.
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Graphic/Web designers, I need your help. Based on the list of designer definitions at, I would like to gather profiles of what a typical "real" day is like for your position.

I teach graphic and web design and my students often ask me what the "real" day to day responsibilities are of the different roles. What I'm trying to create are profiles, when I used to do lots of business presentations we called these "DILOS", (Day In the Life Of)- usually two or three slides which summarized someone's typical day.

Based on the list, the positions I need to get are the following:
(Solo Designer; Owner, partner, principal; Creative/ Design Director; Art Director; Senior Designer; Designer; Entry-level designer; Print production artist; Web designer).

I would be happy to send the results to people once I compile them, my email is in my profile
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I'd be happy to participate, but I work at a really small company. This is vastly different than working at say, an agency. Is this something you would be interested in as well?
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Is your email in your profile? 'Cause I would like to help out.
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My email is in my profile. I work as Art Director and Production Manager for a weekly newspaper.
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I'm an owner/partner of a small agency, glad to help-- email in profile.
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My e-mail is in my profile as well. I'm a product designer/webdesigner/catalog designer for a textile embellishment company.
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I am a solo/freelance web designer and would be happy to answer any questions. You can contact me via my profile.
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I'm an entry-level in-house designer and developer, and a freelance designer. Email's in profile.
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Thanks all, yes, I'm interested in all angles of the biz . . .
posted by jeremias at 11:55 AM on August 21, 2006

Are you still seeking answers? I didn't see an email in your profile.
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