No insurance ankle sprain medical examination in NYC
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Need to find a reasonable (i.e. don't have health insurance) drop in clinic to treat a severe sprained ankle in NYC.

Sprained my ankle about a week ago and I'm still experiencing pain beyond a normal sprained ankle. I know I should have gone in before to have it looked at but the combination of no health insurance and a history of sprained ankles (i.e. wait 4 hours at the doctor to hear, yup you sprained it and that's it) prevented me from going to see a doctor.

Now its a week later and while I'm still convinced it is just a sprain, the amount of soreness is making me want to go have it checked out. What is the best option as far as good care, the ability to drop in, and reasonable rates? Bonus points for something easily reachable from the North Bed Stuy area. Thanks in advance.
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Ive heard that Docs is good for those sorts of injuries. I have no practical experience because the one time I went there, claiming to have a dislocated shoulder, I clearly had a broken collar and they sent me straight to St. Vincents. I was sent there by a friend of mine who had suffered a nasty sprain snowboarding with no insurance and had a great experience.
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I don't know anything about NYC, but I did have a severe ankle sprain a year ago. If you can't get in anytime soon, rest the ankle, take some Alleve, and keep it elevated to reduce the swelling.
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Your local emergency room might have a program to help you.
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Give callen-lorde a shot.

Doctors are nice, fees are affordable if you have no insurance, and if you are under 21, they have free health care services.
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