Camping (and general budget travel) in the Azores
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Have you been to the Azores? (Or do you live there?) I'm seeking info about camping and other very low-budget traveling in the Azores. I would love to hear about any of the islands -- I'm also especially interested in Flores and Corvo if you know anything at all about the camping sites there.

Specific questions:

- I've read in many places that there are free camping areas on each island (even on Corvo). So once I arrived to these sites, what are the expenses I would find there? Do they have bathrooms/showers and is there a cost for those? Is there any possibility of electricity?

- I've also read that it's okay to ask a private landowner if you could set up your tent on the edge of their property. Is that true? (If it's only true in some cases, how could I tell when it would be okay?)

- From the generally very low crime rate in the Azores, I am guessing camping would be safe for me as a solo traveler?

Thanks for any thoughts!
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Couldn't find a whole lot of info for you, but here's a quick Guardian overview for travelers. Seems like renting rooms on the smaller islands is very common; for camping, this Danish site has some additional information, including the location of one campground on Flores (click on "Where to Stay").

And, just becuz, feast your eyes on the Azorean section of the wonderful
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Thanks for the initiative, Rob! I've actually devoured most of what I can find via Google and am looking specifically camping or very low-budget lodging info. Renting private rooms is far out of my budget (seems to average $45 to $60 a night). It looks like there are three youth hostels in the Azores, but they're not on Flores or Corvo (the farthest-west islands in the Azores).
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DUH, shared computer (again) -- lorimer is the author for that last post :)
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Right. This Portuguese site lists no campgrounds on either Flores or Corvo. From what I gathered (I have a longstanding interest in the Azores), it's not uncommon for visitors to the smaller islands lacking the usual tourist infrastructure to make their own informal, low-cost arrangements. And the Danish link seems to warn against camping on your own. But I have no firsthand knowledge, so I'll shut up now.

Good luck!
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No, I totally appreciate the advice --

Maybe the most important question for anyone reading this is: when is it okay to ask a private landowner if you can camp on their land?
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Fall River, MA is rich, rich, rich with Azorean immigrants. Call a travel agency in Fall River and tell then what you are looking for. Someone there will likely be able to help you.
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Thanks, maloon, I will! I've noticed direct flights from Boston to PDL, so an expat community in MA makes perfect sense.
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