Movies about artists?
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Can you help me compile a list of artist movies?

I am compiling a list of based-on-fact accounts of artists in movies / films for a possible project. I have some of the usual suspects rounded up: Lust for Life, Basquiat, Pollock, Love is a Devil, Goya in Bordeaux, Camille Claudel. Know of any more?
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Define artist. You've got some painters and sculptors here. Is that what you're limiting your research to or are you also looking for writers, photographers, musicians, etc?
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Here's a mess of them. And these.
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Vincent and Theo, F for Fake
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Frida. Girl With a Pearl Earring. F for Fake is brilliant.
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Amants de Montparnasse
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Surviving Picasso, I Shot Andy Warhol, Artemisia, Mr. Bing & l'Art Nouveau, Crumb.

Also, this list from Facets Multimedia, who have documentaries and biopics galore.
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Also: Edvard Munch and Rembrandt.
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And here's a quiz!
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Dobbs- I was hoping for the list be of painters, sculptors, new media, not so much literary figures. I want to go over them to get a sense of perceptions of these figures as well as art in general.
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How to Draw a Bunny is about the life, art and death of Ray Johnson.
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My Left Foot
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American Splendor (unless Harvey Pekar counts as "literary")
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Crumb (unless you don't count comics as art, in which case I don't know what to say to you).
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How to Draw a Bunny counts tangentially because it is about peoples memory and perceptions of an artist. I am mostly looking for non-documentary type items, though.
I've seen American Splendor, and I think that comics and graphic novels are strange because they are getting split attention in the art world and in English departments. I'm into Splendor, great movie.
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By the way, I definately count comics as art-- I am all for an expansive notion of art. Just for the purposes of this project, I am trying to start with a narrow scope, but I don't have really exlusive notions of what is or isn't art.
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Regarding American Splendor: Harvey doesn't draw, so I'm not sure he qualifies, but Robert Crumb also shows up in the movie and he draws lots of stuff, so maybe it should still be on the list. In addition, there's a documentary called Crumb devoted entirely to the Bob and his family members (several of whom are also cartoonists and/or artists).
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Camille Claudel
Frida Kahlo
Jackson Pollock: Love and Death on Long Island
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The Moon And Sixpence
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Pollock, Stellar film.
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Vincent & Theo
My Dinner With Andre
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Fictional movies, not what you asked for, but good in their own way:

New York Stories
The Horses Mouth

Not fiction:
The Mystery of Picasso
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Do straight documentaries count? Rivers and Tides.
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Do architects count?

My Architect

Sketches of Frank Gehry
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The best movie about an artist I know of is Derek Jarman's Carravagio (Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio).
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Artist fiction movie to go with Coevals.
Slaves of New York
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Pretty as a Picture
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Age of Consent

Sidetrack: I tried to order The Agony and the Ecstacy from Suncoast about 10 years ago and was told quite frankly "We don't sell THAT kind of movie here." The girl was a little embarassed when she finally looked it up.
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It's definitely Hollywood Product, but ... Incognito

Rivers and Tides is an incredible documentary.
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Basquiat played a version of himself in Downtown 81
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Do Hitler movies count?
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Actually, there is a movie that deals with the young Hitler as an artist ...Menno Meyje's Max (2002). John Cusack plays the the art dealer (Max) who "discovers" the young artist Hitler (Noah Taylor).
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Lust for Life: Vincente Minneli's 1956 view of van Gogh and Gauguin.
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The best movie I've seen about Gauguin, Wolf at the Door with Donald Sutherland and Max Von Sydow, and one of my favorite movies about BEING an artist, La Belle Noiseuse, with Emmanuelle BĂ©art and Michel Piccoli as model and artist.
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