How do I limit my salivation?
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This may be odd, but how do I stop from salivating as much? I don't mean in regards to seeing food, but in general. I find that I can breath easier when my mouth is dry, which may be something to do with how the esophagus works.

Some things that tend to help, but aren't satisfactory:
  • Smoking - dries out the mouth, but doesn't help the breathing problem.
  • Spitting - helps temporarily, but it's just gross.
  • Mouth breathing - helps but makes me look like a mouth-breather.
  • Coffee/booze - dehydrates my body, but would rather not be over-caffeinated and drunk all the time.
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Oh, man, I have this problem in tenfold, to the point where I often accidentally spit all over my self if I talk too fast. Very attractive. I notice when I take OTC allergy meds, I tend to have a drier mouth, and am able to keep the drooling under control. Constantly drinking water seems to help, too, as it keeps everything flowing, and the saliva doesn't just sit there, waiting to embarrass me. I'll be interested in others' solutions, as well.
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If it's a big problem you could take an anticholinergic.
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One thing to keep in mind is that a dry mouth could increase your risk of cavities.
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