Where to find benchmarks between Core 2 Duo and Turion 64 X2?
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Where can i find benchmarks between AMD Turion 64 X2 and the Intel Core duo / Core 2 duo?

The Intel Core 2 Duo is now a desktop processor as well; I am mostly interested in benchmarks for laptops. I found benchmarks for the Core duo vs Core 2 duo, but benchmarks with any of the Turion series are rare. I'm mostly interested in 3d performance and gaming, as well as battery life as a secondary interest.

I understand that intel has a near monopoly on the laptop market and because of this websites like tomshardware barely mention the Turion, let alone benchmark it. I've been googling like mad, but i've only been finding benchmarks for the X2's predecessor. Please help me find benchmarks between the Core duo and the Turion 64 X2.
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well, I googled for "turion x2 core benchmark" and got this?
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Part of the problem is that AMD laptops aren't all that common, and they are generally of somewhat mediocre build quality.

That said, A coworker of mine last summer had a AMD64 desktop-replacement notebook, and he had great success in using the AMD utilities to dramatically underclock the processor to double his battery life.
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