Emergency contraception in Virginia
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What is the availability of emergency contraception in Fairfax, Virginia, USA?

My girlfriend and I will be spending a month in northern virginia. We use condoms, but (for medical reasons that do not apply to the one time high dose of the morning after pill) she is not on birth control medication. We have had a condom break before, but this was in France, and she took an emergency contraceptive fromt he pharmacy and everything was okay. Of course we are careful, but breaks can happen, so I want to be prepared. What are the options in Virginia?
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go to any planned parenthood office. they will set her up with a morning after pill (which is called "Plan B"). don't wait too long, the window is 72hours.

here is their emergency contraception website.

please note: plan b is essentially a really high dosage of the pill. it's not something you want to put into your body if you don't absolutely positively have to. there is a really good chance she will be miserable for a few days and I have heard anecdotal evidence that it's quite tough on your liver. so don't take this to mean it's okay to behave like a frat boy...

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oh yeah, it should be noticed that they will help you for free.
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You should be able to get a dose of Plan B before you leave. I know people who have gotten one to keep handy from Planned Parenthood for free, although I don't know if there were other circumstances. She definitely should be able to get one from her doctor.
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so don't take this to mean it's okay to behave like a frat boy...

Totally unnecessary. Cut this crap out.
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>Totally unnecessary.

experience has shown me that unfortunately it is not.
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Your experience is not related to this question. But thank you very much for your answer.
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I *totally* agree with peeedro. It's not your place to assume that he's a "frat boy" just because he wants information about Plan B.
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Someone else said this above, but it bears repeating: it's not a bad idea to get Plan B and just keep it in the medicine cabinet, especially if your birth control options are limited.
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As for birth control, has your girlfriend considered using an IUD? They're safe, effective, and don't have to involve hormones.
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krautland: so don't take this to mean it's okay to behave like a frat boy...

Did you actually read the post? It's a long term relationship where they use condoms because she isn't able to use hormonal birth control on a routine basis. She has used Plan B once before, so whatever side effects are likely, she will already be familiar with them.

Nothing: For what it's worth, I second devilsbrigade's suggestion. See if you can get a dose to keep with you when traveling. That way there is no worry about being unable to find help if you should need it.

You might also want to look into other barrier methods to back up the condoms (cervical caps, diaphragms, etc., with spermicide if neither of you is bothered by it.)
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don't wait too long, the window is 72hours.

I'm sure everyone knows this, but the sooner you take it, the better it works, even within the 72-hour window. Get it ASAP if you need it.

And besides Planned Parenthood, a doctor should be able to prescribe it for you.
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My girlfriend, who works at planned parenthood, indicates that the window is longer than 72 hours. She says you can take it up to 5 days after and its still effective - Although the sooner the better.

Fairfax Planned Parenthood phone # is 703.385.3404

For everyone else's info if you dial 1-800-230-plan it will connect you with the closest planned parenthood.
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AskBack: the FDA has approved emergency contraception for OTC sales to those over 18.
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