How do I watch NFL games downunder?
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Where can I watch NFL games in Melbourne, Australia?

A recent convert to the sport - I play for a local team in the Gridiron Victoria league - I'm desperate to be able to watch games, particularly those featuring the Falcons or the Raiders.

I can't afford cable and I've yet to find a solution that doesn't cause my ADSL connection to weep uncontrollably.

Any fellow aussies or yank expats who can give me a heads-up on where to catch games?
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Most every team has one fan that will PVR the games, DivX them and then put them up as torrents.

I *might* (cough cough) be one of them. Are you looking to follow a particular team?
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Response by poster: Yes, the Atlanta Falcons. I'd be ever so thankful if something like could be arranged.
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Sorry for the late reply.

I'm a Detroit Lions fan, so I can't help you there, but the people here might be able to.

Register for the forums and ask around. You might even be able to get DVDs depending on who does what for that team.
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I thought they were shown on pay TV?

Find a friend with a dvd or hard-drive recorder and you're made!
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