Eclipse under Windows Terminal Services
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What is the best way to install / configure Eclipse 3.2 under Windows Terminal Services?

Eclipse does not have an installer.. all you have to do is unzip it into a folder, click the icon and it starts up. The issue is under Windows Terminal Services is that all users you involve the Eclipse icon get directed to a 'shared' workspace instead of their own.

Is there anyway to install Eclipse so user get their own 'workspace' by default?
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Running Eclipse and doing Java development on a Terminal Server seems like your asking for a beating. Eclipse runs in the 500mb memory usage on my laptop.. I can't imagine 10 users firing that up on my terminal server.
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The box Windows TS is running on is pretty beefy... quad processor... 4 GIG.
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And I bet Java will still manage to bring that to a crawl. One instance of Oracle EM, for a single user on a single desktop on Win2003, is weighing in at a light 400mb. Note Oracle itself is running on another machine, and is actually taking up less RAM than the interface at the moment.

But, if you insist on it, look at multi-user installs here.
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U can start eclipse with -data argument and specify a workspace:

-data workspacePath
The path of the workspace on which to run the Eclipse platform. The workspace location is also the default location for projects. Relative paths are interpreted relative to the directory that Eclipse was started from.
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