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VATSIM/Squawkboxfilter: I get a freeze sometimes, why?

Sometimes, without warning, Flight Simulator will freeze, but I'm still able to hear the Squawkbox voice traffic, but I'm not able to interact with it, or Flight Simulator. I'm fairly new to VATSIM, and I've looked around to forums to no avail.

Does or has anyone else experienced this using Squawkbox? It doesn't happen when I'm just flying around without Squawkbox.

Another thing; it only happens sometimes. I'm usually able to complete a flight without a problem. Thanks in advance.
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My quick search of Google suggests if you have AVC installed, this tends to happen. If you do, delete it, and all should hopefully be well.

Failing that, do you have enough RAM and a decent processor to run it?

Assuming you do and uninstalling AVC dosen't help/is not an issue, try uninstalling and reinstalling Squawkbox. Y'never know.
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