Mysterious island movie?
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I have one of those help me figure out this vaguely remembered movie questions. I would be so happy if someone got this but since I was around ten years old or so when I saw it, I have my doubts. Here goes - I remember that there were three guys as the main characters. They were something like secret agents. (For some reason I have one of them looking like Richard Dawson from the opening credits of Hogan's Heroes. They all wore that kind of outfit). They were on a mission to some island that was run by a mysterious man and woman. There was a castle or haunted house on the island.They had to uncover some mystery on this island. The one part I remember clearly was a scene where they kept hearing a baby cry during the night and then there was a scene where they discovered some secret room on the basement of the castle/haunted house. I'm guessing the movie was made in the late sixteies early seventies. Any ideas? All help greatly appreciated. ( I have had other half remembered movies that I have been able to find using Google or IMBD, but this one has eluded me)
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I'm thinking it's I Love a Mystery (more detailed description here).

The Google string I used was: +movie +island castle OR mansion +three +mystery.

Heh. Don Knotts.
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Many, many thanks Gator. I came up with this once but didn't think it was right because I didn't remember Don Knotts being in it. But your last link says he only had one line at the end, so... mystery solved. Thanks again.
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No prob, glad to help. :)
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