Mexican food in Argentina
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Does anyone know a good, SPICY, authentic Mexican restaurant in Buenos Aires?

I went to a place yesterday and ordered mole and got a chicken breast covered (more-or-less) in Snickers bars. Anyone know a really good place? The Argentine pallette seems to avoid all things picante.
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I don't know any Mexican restaurants in Baires, but try La Paceña, en Echeverría 2570 for some awesome and spicy empanadas bolivianas. (sorry for the slight off topicness, but that's my spicy fix down here).
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Have never tried it & it's not quite "Mexican," but some expats recently opened the California Burrito Company in downtown BsAs. That is, if self-styled San Francisco burritos tickle your fancy.
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tried em both. loved em both. thanks mefites!
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