PHP script for running a non-profit organization?
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Any good (preferably free) PHP software for running a membership organization?

I'm looking for a PHP application - preferably open-source - that facilitates the running of a membership web site for a non-profit. Ideally, it would accept online membership applications with some sort of payment gateway; username/password authentication for a "member's area"; allow members to see when their memberships expire, and renew; mailing list function.

I know there are separate scripts for those things, but am hoping somebody out there put them all together in some sort of holistic package for a membership group.
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It's perl, not PHP, but I believe the latest revision of WebGUI has all the stuff you're looking for. GPL; commercial hosting available; yadda yadda yadda
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I realize I should have been more specific about one key thing - I'm looking to integrate this into an existing WordPress site, with an established site structure. Hence the desire for PHP, and for a module that I can incorporate within a WP page.
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PayPal Membership Plugin for WordPress:
  • User's account expire after X months [configure that on WPB-PAYPAL options tab]. User account becomes enabled again after payment is made.
  • Plugin will change your default Wordpress installation to a full members only site and only the registered users will be able to get access to the site and potentially the download area.
WP-Members Plugin
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