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How can I convert Mac OS9 sound files to mp3 etc?

I have a bunch of sound files in pre-OSX format, i.e. the old "Sound File" format that you manipulated using the old Font/Sound Mover desk accesory. In the OSX Finder they preview with a "Play Sound" button and play OK, but they won't import into iTunes and they won't open in Quicktime Player.

Searching in Apple discussions or Apple support draws a blank.
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This program says it'll do it.

Or at least, it lists 'snd' as one of its input formats, which is what OS 9 system sounds should be.
posted by AmbroseChapel at 5:10 AM on August 19, 2006

You could try SoundCoverter - says it supports snd files, which I think are mac os 7 sound files.
posted by athenian at 5:13 AM on August 19, 2006

SoX_Wrap claims to do it.
posted by dmo at 9:21 AM on August 19, 2006

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