alone in toronto this weekend.
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what to do in toronto alone?

I'm going to be in toronto alone this weekend. I have no problem being alone during the day and just walking around, but I don't want to sit in the hotel all night and I must admit I feel weird being at bars by myself.

Does anyone know any bars that aren't weird to be in by yourself, or any other fun things to do in the evening this weekend?

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You should check out The Ex... lots to see and do, and look at. There are rides, a midway, shows, fireworks, a casino... the grounds are open til midnight.
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How adventurous are you feeling? And how late do you feel like staying out?
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The bar in the Bymark downtown is swanky and solo-friendly. Very friendly staff.
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There was a really unpretentious little bar near the Sheraton Centre hotel that had some good jazz. Unfortunately, I just wasted half an hour trying to find it and can't. Maybe you can call the Sheraton and ask.
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I'm guessing that callmejay is referring to the Rex.
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Another good bar where you are guaranteed to see something interesting is the Imperial Pub. I once saw a guy come flying in on rollerblades, trying to be a showoff and he crashed spectacularly into a cocktail table. Then there was the night a bus got stuck on the front sign...eclectic crowd. Good times.
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The Senator, on Victoria street (one east of Yonge, just south of Yonge-Dundas square) is a cool little jazz bar.

Future Bakery on Bloor West is a fairly boho sort of place, open 24 hours. And licenced, if memory serves.
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As for things to do, check out Now Magazine and Eye Magazine. and
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Oh, and I thought the Top of the Senator (the jazz club dirty's referring to) went out of biz a year or two ago, no? The Senator restaurant (downstairs) is still there but I didn't think they did jazz upstairs anymore.
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Places to go alone that are not weird, or you can choose not to be alone (friendly crowds)-

Little Italy - College Street, west of Bathurst, restos, bars, funky casual, friendly

Distillery District - 55 Mill Street, south of Front and Parliament, kind of swankier, but with bars and restos,arty, the dance festival should still be on, so you can catch a performance too

Harbourfront - a different cultural festival every weekend, shopping, ethnic food, into the evening, they serve alcohol in certain areas, and everyone hangs around listening to free live music, so much going on there into the evening, mostly free or cheap

Greektown on the Danforth : go for dinner, hang out and check out the scene or shop, casual

See a play outside in the evening. Lots of outdoor Shakespeare - the big daddy is Dream in High Park, pay what you can, get off the subway at High Park and walk into the park. Sit under the trees, have a slice of pizza and enjoy the play. Get there early and bring something to sit on. (This year 'Comedy of Errors' in a very very funny production.) As I said, pay what you can, so cheap.

Anyway, have a good time! (i second checking out NOW and eye heartily. They are your guide to an interesting and good time.)
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The Cameron House can be fun, often with great music as well. There's also a great comedy scene in the city. If you like improv, there be cheap/free shows happening on Sunday night.

MeFi SoaP outing, perhaps?
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You could go see one of my favourite local pop bands tonight. Or go to a concert which requires you to break into an abandoned factory. Tomorrow you could come play kickball.
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The Horseshoe at Queen and Spadina, day or night. All sorts of people hang out there, the beer is good, the music is great.
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thecjm -- the abandoned factory was the reason I was questioning how adventuresome illegiblemess was feeling. I've got my flashlight ready.
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Response by poster: thanks for all the advice! i'll be here till wednesday so hopefully i will get to check out some of these places.

i don't mind being out late (tonight only), assuming i can walk back to my hotel. i'm more into indie bands, but looking online didn't see any that i know playing, but i might go to that show cjm, thanks. the improv looks good too.
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There are plenty of low key, friendly bars along College West and Dundas West- The Communist's Daughter is a favorite of mine. Or check out the Drake Hotel, further west on Queen St.- hipster fancy, but good food and booze. Don't worry too much about getting around, the TTC runs late and the streets are pretty safe.
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