Big Cross Stitch
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Any place I can buy a 11 foot by 2 foot piece of cross stitching fabric?

This is for a rather large project. I couldn't find any in the local craft stores, so I figure I'd ask metafilter.
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Any big-box craft store probably sells it by the yard, so getting an 11' piece shouldn't be a problem.
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Call fabric stores or craft stores that have fabric by the bolt and ask if they have the fabric you need on bolts -- they can cut it to length for you. Usually this type of fabric is 30" to 36" wide with many yards to the bolt. Aida cloth is one type of cross stitching cloth that often comes this way. (See, for example, this fabric at Joann's; of course you wouldn't want to buy the whole bolt, probably.)
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I forgot to mention, (this is behalf of my fiance), that it needs to be 28 count, which she says is making the search much harder.
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You can get it from Nordic Needle. They sell a wide variety of stiching fabric by the yard. She'll be able to get Aida, but they also carry linens and other fabrics as well. I'm very fond of linen for stitching. Quaker cloth is good, too.

I've bought from them in the past, they are a highly reputable and respected vendor.
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Okay, one correction: they sell by the inch, but if you tell them that you want 132 inches, you'll be able to get it. Fabrics without thread counts by their names come in multiple counts.
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Lacis has lots of unusual needlwork supplies. Their online catalog lists precut pieces of 28 ct linen fabrics, but I know they have bolts of fabric in their store. You might give them a call and see if you can buy this linen by the yard.

Yarn Tree, whom I have no experience with, also offers 2 yard cuts of 28 ct linen and cotton fabric. They might be able to cut you a different length.
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Most needlework stores (not craft stores) will have bolts of fabric in stock. A bolt is usually at least 8 yards, especially of evenweaves, so getting a continuous piece shouldn't be that hard.

NordicNeedle can be slow sometimes, especially if they have to order from their suppliers. I'd suggest Mary Jane's Cross 'n Stitch, Stitches 'n Things, the Silver Needle, or Threadneedle Street. Email or phone to make sure they've got 4 yards in stock before you order, though. NAYY to any shops mentioned
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Your profile doesn't say where you're located - and everybody just seems to be assuming you're in the States - but if you're in Australia, the needlecraft shop I work for can sell this to you. Heck, we'll sell it to you even if you're not in Australia and post it wherever you like. Email me if you need a price.
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