Scheduling App for Therapy Appointments?
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I am a school-based speech pathologist with a long list of kids to schedule. They are best grouped by a) grade and 2) type of impairment. Each kid needs one or two half-hour appointment(s) per week. They are scattered across separate classes with various schedules, each with preferred, acceptable, and unacceptable blocks of time in which I can see them. Free or low-cost scheduling app?

I attempted Mimosa but it was just too dense for me. Then there is Caselite, but it costs too much. I could get my district to consider buying something, but it will take too long -- I need to schedule kids for next week.
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Here is some free software you could try out.
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Try Sciral Consistency.

Scroll to the bottom for a screenshot. Easy to use. Nicwe interface, PC and Mac. Might be what you are looking for.
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Would Google Calendar work?
I have no idea if it is invite only, if it is, let me know and I will send one to you.
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Response by poster: Google calendar wouldn't work -- ideally I'd have some ability to plug in the particulars of each kid and have the schedule generated automatically.
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SAS/OR should do the trick admirably well. It might not be cheap enough for you, though.

Scheduling is very tough to do manually, so I understand your desire to have the schedules generated.
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