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I'd like some premade javascript that adds text into a text input when clicked, sounds simple but I cant find anything on the web. anyone know of a script that can help me out?
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Sure: right here on Metafilter. Look at how the "bold", "italic", and "link" buttons work in the comment entry form for this site.
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function addToInputtBox( c, text ) {
c.value += text ;

Call the function witthe the input and the text you want to add.
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Either (using a separate link to add the text):

<input id="whatever">

<a href="javascript:document.getElementById('whatever').value+='text to add'">Add text</a>

or (adding the text whenever you click the field):

<input onclick="this.value+='text to add'">

(I'm not sure which you're asking for)
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