Where did this mystery iTunes playlist come from?
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Who is "swami" and why did his iTunes playlist show up on my computer?

I have a notebook computer with iTunes installed. It is conected to my home network pretty much all the time and I have the standard Norton anti-virus/spyware/firewall stuff in place. I am the only one in the family who uses this computer.
Last week I got my first iPod (brand new, fresh from Apple) and set about filling it with the music and videos I had in my iTunes library. About 2 days after I first synced the iPod to iTunes, I noticed a playlist in iTunes that I did not recognize. It was labeled "swami's frostwire tunes" and when I tried to open it I got a message telling me I couldn't (I don't remember exactly what it said).
I checked my network settings to make sure I hadn't accidently gotten into someone else's network. I ejected the iPod, exited iTunes, rebooted and restarted iTunes and the playlist was gone. The next time I tried to use the iPod it no longer had any songs on it and kept freezing iTunes. I ended up reformatting it.
All is well now, but I wonder what the hell happened. Any ideas?
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Do you have a wireless access point on your network that's unsecured, or that someone cracked the security key to?

The playlist appearing happens here in my office when people have LimeWire and/or FrostWire running... iTunes will pick up that a playlist exists at the address, but won't be able to access it.
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Swami is another person on a nearby wireless network with his iTunes on "share." Probably nothing to worry over.

Of course, if you're in a small tin shack in the middle of the desert using only an old Itanium satellite phone to check your AskMe, then you might have issues.
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You can turn this off in Edit → Preferences → Sharing, uncheck “Look for shared music,” although that doesn’t address the underlying issue of “swami” having access to your network (or you having access to his, maybe).
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Either swami is connecting to your wireless access point or your "home network" is actually part of another subnetwork. For instance, are you living in a dorm or student housing? Is your landowner providing internet access to all the residents? If so, then swami is a neighbor. (If you have cable or DSL then this is not possible save for misconfiguration on your ISP's part.)
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Likely a neighbor is named swami, and has his itunes set to share (and probably doesn't know it)
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You are probably part of a larger local network segment than you think -- I regularly get all sorts of people's playlists in my complex who (I assume) also have DSL, but aren't on my personal network.
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