Need RFK Jr. Address
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I need a home or office snail mail address for Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., the lawyer, who is with Pace University, Riverkeepers, NRDC, etc.

I've found lots of email addresses for him online, but that's not helpful as the friend for whom I'm doing this search wants to send him a homemade bumper sticker ("Cool Global Warming"). My friend could write to him at Pace, I suppose, but I would prefer to find a home address or home office address. RFK Jr. has his own website, but the website has only an online contact form as far as I can see.

(It was so easy to find Gore's home office address!)

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This is kinda creepy!

Best ways to do this without being creepy:

Send it to him c/o (like you said you don't want to do):
Pace Law School
78 North Broadway
White Plains, New York 10603

Or write him via his online contact form to see if he's interested in giving you a mailing address.
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Riverkeeper has a snail mail address. I'm guessing that will work faster to get it to him than Pace...

828 South Broadway
Tarrytown, NY 10591
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What's creepy about it? A friend who is working on the global warming/climate change issue knows that Kennedy is interested in the same thing and wants to send him the snazzy bumper sticker he's made, with the hope that Kennedy might like it, use it and bring it to wider attention. What about that is creepy? Seems like good business to me.

Thanks for the two adress suggestions so far.
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It's creepy because you asked for his home address.

Send it to the Tarrytown address. It's less likely to get lost than sending it to Pace.
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I asked for home address (or hometown office address) because I think then it would have a chance of actually getting to him.
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Also creepy: the fact that you apparently have several ways of actually contacting him to ask him for the information you want (email, contact form) but haven't used them and instead are trying to snoop out personal information on the internet. Why not email him and say 'Hey, I have this thing I'd like to send you. What's the best address to send it to?'
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Answering jacquilynne: Because I don't think an email asking where to send a bumper sticker will be answered by his minions! But I think he'd actually like the sticker once he saw it. I'm just trying to increase the odds that he actually will see it. I'd like to help my friend find the best address.

Anyway, I think he's going to go with one to Pace and one to Hudson Riverkeeper Fund.
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Umm. Yeah, because people employ 'minions' to filter the stuff that gets through to them precisely so that other people can circumvent those 'minions' whenever they feel like it. If you respect the guy as much as you seem to, why not actually respect his choices, too?
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