VoIP in Toronto?
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Experience with Vonage or any VOIP in Toronto? I know it's been asked before but figure the technology may have improved. Also, what about some of their other products?
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I have Vonage with first gen equipment...

It works fine... There are time when the voice quality is kinda iffy... but usually calling back again works. Most of times the people on the other hand hears me fine...

Now I use this vonage line as my preminary line. There is much less noise problems... I don't think i ever had any dis-connect problems...

I am about to recommend it to my parents and friends....

at 14.99 a month with all the perks.. it is a great deal.. both local and international call rates are industry's cheapest.

Few times I took the vonage phone to overseas.. and connected to broadband router... it worked like a charm as soon as i connected...

I was able to get calls from the states as if i was in the states.. .. the calls were local calls for me too...

i recommend 99.99%... .01% negative is that those rare noise problems... and If I was using Pennytalk calling card with the vonage.., the quality gets double bad.. i assume because i am trying to use voip calling card with voip system...
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oops.. excuse my grammer... I am very tired.... it must be a friday...
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I'm using Primus... had it for a bit over a year now. There was time back in late 2005 when it was REAL shady... dropping calls, just not able to get a dial tone, etc. But it seems to be fixed now, and it works great. I'm actually using mine over here in Dublin right now to call home for free. I love it!
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I've got Vonage in Toronto. Works like a charm as well.

A client has it to and had problems until they plugged their router into a power supply that had back up power. Seemed the problem was inconsistent power to the router.

Depending on your router, sometimes you may have to reset it. I've had to reset it once in a year.

All in all, I highly recommend it.
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I'm using Vonage (1st gen equipment, too) in Russia, where the internet is absolute primitive dogshit.

On occasion I've been able to make it work over stolen WiFi, Dialup, and ISDN-like modem connections.

If it works here, it can work anywhere.
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Vonage Canada customer here too, been using it as my primary phone for 6 months now on DSL (from teksavvy.com)

There is one big annoyance to Vonage Canada service at the moment. All of your calls get routed through New Jersey. This will screw up toll-free numbers that are Canada-only or attempt to detect your calling area. I don't think 310- numbers work either, but don't quote me on that. (Not next to my Vonage at the moment or I'd try)

For example, I've had problems calling Service Canada's toll-free number(s), and the last time I called FedEx I got their US call centre instead of Canada.
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I'm using Primus in Hamilton (I wouldn't expect the quality to be any different in TO). I've been fairly happy with it except for two points:

- It took the WEEKS to change my number over. Apparantly this is done by a third party, so they couldn't help it, but I couldn't be contacted for like a month.

- When the internet goes down (and it does more than Sympatico would like to admit), I can't even call tech support.

Of course, I'm also only paying $50 a month instead of >$80 for phone and internet, so I'm getting what I pay for. (Sympatico ADSL with a "dry loop" is less expensive than cogeco/rogers cable)
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Response by poster: Thanks, all! I guess I'll go for it.

No comments on that wifi phone from the link, though, huh?
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No experience with the wifi phone, but I do use this and I have no complaints.

I have my Vonage router behind my primary with some traffic-shaping on the front router to ensure that VOIP is highest priority. It was a little rocky at first when I was trying to get it to work (rather than using the shaping on the Vonage router which was pretty draconian, but I understand why) but it's since been up and running for almost a year and it's been great.

Only complaint is that some phone numbers are inaccessible with VOIP but I suspect that it has something to do with the recipient (Rogers for instance, their Homephone service is a competing product) and not Vonage in particular.

Go for it. I've recommended it to a lot of other people who love the service as well.
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