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Creating PDF files from a word document - one button, one click conversion no longer available on the Word toolbar

I have the full version of Adobe Acrobat Professional version on my desktop along with MS Word. I used to have a button on the toolbar of Word with an Acrobat icon on it and if I wanted to convert a word doc to PDF, all I had to do was click the one button and the conversion happened.

Now the Adobe button has disappeared off the toolbar and I would like to get it back. The one-click conversion is very convenient and beats the whole print/print to pdf etc. process. Any help from the word wizards out there would be appreciated and increase my efficiency (!)
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Have you tried clicking the little arrow at the end of the toolbar and choosing Customize Toolbars/Menus, then rechecking Adobe Acrobat PDFMaker in the Toolbars list? That's the sequence on the Mac version of Word. For the Windows version, right-click anywhere on the toolbar and make sure the box next to PDFMaker 7.0 is checked.

Barring any unforseen deletion of or change in Acrobat Pro itself, you should be able to bring back that part of the toolbar easily.
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Or, if you don't want to right click, you can also go View->Toolbars->PDFMaker.
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OK, no PDFMaker option in the Toolbars so I guess it has somehow been deleted. I recently installed the FedEx/Kinkos e-print option which allows me to send documents directly to the local Kinko's to be printed, so maybe that overwrote or deleted it. I'll just have to reinstall Acrobat Pro I guess. Thanks.
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You could also install PDFCreator and have the ability to print anything into a PDF file.


I've been using it to save things from:


Good Luck!
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In case you haven't recently, I'd recommend considering switching to OpenOffice. There's legitimate points for considering just the act of using the product as a touch of altruism and good deeds on you part, plus I now consider it just as useful and good as MS Word. Plus it's free (as in beer), you'll never have to pay for a word processor again and yes...

it has one-click pdf creation built in. Peace. I hope you'll convert.
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