Why is the stitching on blue jeans orange or gold?
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Does anyone know why blue jeans tend to have orange/gold stitching on them even though other colours have thread that blends in? All makers do it, but why?
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cool. I never even noticed that before. Can i just say, I love askmefi? thanks.

I love askmefi.
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thank you anastaiav!
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My grandfather once told me, that for a brief period of time there used to also be a rivet on the southernmost part of the crotch of the jeans. Right where the two inseams of either leg meet. Wandering frontiersman, cowboys and mountain men found out quickly that squatting or kneeling down in front of a camp fire heated up that rivet amazingly quickly.

The cursing and dancing that ensued afterward was apparently not amusing enough for Levi Strauss to leave it in... One of the benefits of being raised by old people, I guess.
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I love anastasiav, I really do -- in a perfectly polite, non-sexual-harassing way of course -- and she's one of my favorites MeFi users but come on twine, you just needed to Google "blue jeans orange thread"

I'm as lazy as the next guy, but really askmefi shouldn't be a substitute for Google

after all, it takes longer to post a askmefi thread than to do a basic Google search
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matteo, you're welcome to love me in any way you want - polite or not. Thanks for the kind words. I'm blushing.
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