Where can I buy William Eggleston posters?
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William Eggleston, man I love this guy. I've been to a couple of exhibitions of his work in London and thought they were great. His use of colour in documenting the South is astonishing. Where can I buy posters of his work?

I would love to have a couple of his prints in my chi-chi apartment. Sadly the only one I can find is a bit crap. I have it, but it's not my favourite photo of his and it's promoting a long dead exhibition, so the actual photo is pretty small.

Anyone know where I can purchase some more? I seem to remember reading somewhere that he doesn't like licensing his photos as he's never happy with the colour reproduction.
I'm in the US now if that helps.
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Have you inquired at the Eggleston Trust?

A single print: Bad Ischl, Austria 1983-1986

You may have to be content with the hardcover book.
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[put the artist's name in the main question]
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Few signed limited edition prints here.
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this Artcyclopedia lists the major collections with Eggleston's work, so perhaps try their individual museum shops?
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if you know somebody with a pro-level scanner, a serious printer and some Photoshop skills, just buy a couple Eggleston books and make yourself a few big prints to hang in your private residence.

you'll support the artist by buying the books, and I doubt the cops will bust you for that
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William Eggleston in the Real World is a 2005 documentary about him that I found unwatchable -- the S.O. and I were driven to leave the theater 45 minutes in, and we never do that*. Our displeasure was partially, perhaps even primarily, due to the catastrophic mess of projection/sound that the film festival was inflicting upon it, so maybe it was actually good. Certainly the review linked above was positive about it.

* OK, OK, I left a Peter Greenaway screening once, but who hasn't?
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I mean, just FYI, there's a documentary out there if you want to learn more about him.
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Thanks everyone for your suggestions: I'll try all of them, although the $1800 prints are out of my price range!

Thanks also jessamyn for adding WE's name in. I kind of assumed that the title would appear in front of the question on the FP.

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