Help my night elf look pretty
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Is there a website or tool that helps me choose fashionable outfits for my World of Warcraft character?

I am fascinated by the variety of costume options in WoW. There are plenty of sites to help me find things like the Arcane Deviate Windbreaker of the Lemur to make me a better monster grinding machine. But are there any sites/tools to help me find outfits that are just, well, prettier?

I'm aware you can "try on" things in the game with Ctrl-click. And Thottbot has screenshots of some items but not enough to be really helpful. What I'm really looking for is something like a web site catalog of pictures of all the blue shirts in the game, all the purple shirts, etc... for all item classes.
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Give the WoW Model Viewer a try - it pulls all the models and textures out of the game files and lets you put whatever gear you like on any of the playable characters. It might take you a while to sort through the enormous quantity of stuff in the game, but at least you can be certain the perfect outfit's there for the finding :)
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That does the trick, terpsichoria, thank you.
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