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I recently bought a region-free DVD player to be able to see cool things from the UK and the like you can't get here. I'm wondering if anyone keeps any kind of list or weblog about other-region (outside the US, that is) DVDs that are worth seeking out?
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What sort of stuff do you like?
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How about all the UK TV shows that never come out on DVD elsewhere? Some suggestions.
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Check out DVDBeaver.com for comparisons between different regions' releases of the same film.

I bought a bunch of region 2 silent film DVDs by Eureka, but they're slowly seeing U.S. release. (A lot of times new prints of older films turn up and there are competing restorations.)
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It's obvious, but checking out amazon.co.uk is usually worthwhile. I've also found shipping (to Canada) to be very quick and reasonably priced.
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Not exactly what you asked, but this previous question might be useful.
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