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Sitesearchfilter: Looking for a site that sells custom engraving, mostly home wall decorations, but perhaps some other general home decoration gifts as well

I came across this site a while ago, they would make giant wall hangings, or artwork or kitchen framing with some nice quotes in various shapes and sizes. It might have come up in askmefi before, but I couldnt find it while searching. company might be based in midwest but i could be totally wrong about this.

There is one other site like this but they send out graffiti - removable wall graffitis - its almost like this except with frames and such ... and oh-so-much-more cooler. Anyone know what I am talking about ?
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Maybe you are thinking of blik ?

They were alllll over the web circa winter 2005.*

* am i that cool? yes i am that cool.
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also you may be interested in decoradar -- although that leans a little more towards the DIY side.
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