Landing a Job While Taking Day Classes
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Landing a job while going to classes during the day?

My girlfriend is a graphic designer that's attending an art school full time, which offers very few night courses and this upcoming semester on 4 days out of 5, she'll be tied up on campus for most of the day.. She currently has a job with very flexible hours, but she's looking for one closer to her school. Graphic design seems like a field that should be amenable to flexible hours, but how should bring up the subject with a potential employer? In the interview? On her resume? What's the best way to talk about it if the subject comes up?
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I know someone who used to work a nigh shift at a Kinko's business services location doing graphic design. That might be an option.

Newspapers also often have late shifts for designers.
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She should say, "I'd prefer to wait tables during the dinner shift." Welcome to being a student.

Probably pays better than graphic design, anyway, if its a decent enough resturaunt.
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Seconding the newspaper idea - that's sort of a 3 or 4 (p.m.) to 11 or 12 kind of job. And it's really good, meaningful experience that could be parlayed into a really good job.

Also seconding restaurant work - that's classic for a college student.

Kinkos starting pay is very low in many cities. I worked at Kinkos in college and started at $6.25. Plus, it's a sucky place to work. Trust me.
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Best answer: Freelance if she wants to do graphic design specifically.

If she's good with InDesign, Quark. Photoshop, etc., she may want to look into production. They tend to have nightshifts, places like Aquent will respect her schedule. I learned more about agencies and procedures from production work than from grad school.

If she's got some daytime hours (like Tuesday, etc.) she could even go to a staffing agency that can put her in a production studio for a day, or a nighttime shift, which tend to be more likely in production studios. Aquent & similar cater to this. (Having a good background in production can make her graphic design more practical, more effective and give her an edge in her career, too.)
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