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Can any Baltimoreans recommend a good salon? Most of my life my hair has been long to very long, cut straight across, bangs, kept in a braid or in a hair clip. I'd like to try a new hairstyle, with no preferences other than not-ugly. I would like a place where I walk in, the stylist looks at me, says "OK, this will look awesome, we are doing this!", does that thing, and I walk out happy.
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I don't have an answer (sorry) but I do have a suggestion -- ask the Going Out Gurus on They routinely get similar questions for DC, and will likely have suggestions for Baltimore (or will at least post it looking for audience suggestions). Unfortunately, it happens on Thursdays at 1:00, so it'll be a week before you have a chance..
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Are you willing to head into Owings Mills/Pikesville? If so, I would highly recommend seeing Luba at her salon, So Cheta-Luba. They don't seem to have a website, but they're in the Valley Village shopping center at 9199 Reisterstown Road, and their phone number is 410-654-9099.

I followed Luba from Paul's Salon and Day Spa to Escape Day Spa to her own place, and she is wonderful -- very hip, an expert on cuts and color, and sweet yet totally cynical on the b.s. that most stylists give you.
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Neal's is pretty good.
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I use Lou at Village Hair in Pikesville on Hooks Ln. I find that he knows better than I do what will work...good luck!
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It's worth mentioning that Neal's has a student discount--half-price every Tuesday with proof that you're a current student. They did a pretty good job when I got my hair cut there, and it's an interesting, campy atmosphere.
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Yeah, I used to live in Baltimore and always went to Neal's. Great place, and at least at the time (this was 6+ years ago, but I think the place is practically an institution), their stylists were very good. Great atmosphere, too.
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Bella, in Canton It's really the only reason I venture go to Canton from Mount Vernon. Kristen, the owner, is awesome. She really has a good vision of what will look good. I've heard good things about the other stylists, too, but I've never been to one of them. My boyfriend even loves it, and he didn't like the idea of paying more than $10 for a haircut. It's a little expensive, but it's worth it.
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Do NOT go to the cheap $10 place by Hopkins on Charles' street. I think it's called Tenpachi.

Unless you are hoping for a butch haircut and plan to go to home for Christmas and be interrogated by your ultraconservative grandparents who are convinced you are now a lesbian.

And if I were you, I'd look through some magazines and find pictures of people whose hairstyles you like. Never just say, "Make me look good!" and expect to have the same opinion of "good" as your hairstylist.
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