Please, help me find the comfortable boxer shorts.
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I'm trying to locate a comfortable style of boxer short. Can you help?

I like a specific type of boxer short. Instead of 1 seam right down the most uncomfortable part, they have 2 seams in the back. The seams are wider at the top (waist) and narrow twords the crotch. This style doesn't ride as much as the 1 seam style. Is there a name for this style? I've heard them refered to as 'darts'. Is this the correct term? Any idea of where I can find them online? In the past, I've found them at express for men, but they're almost $10/pair now, which is way too much.
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This dosen't really answer your question, but I never really liked boxer shorts until I bought a pair at Target with the big graphics printed on them. They're made of a softer tshirt material than anything else I had ever tried. You might want to check those out.
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Known as a spinnaker colloquially I believe, and intended to prevent wedgies. Not necessarily though. Slate tells all.
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Sounds a lot like the Jockey Global Boxer, my preferred boxer.
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I'd recommend City Boxers but they're about twice as much as the express for men ones.
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The City Boxers peeps seem to use a zero-seam-in-the-back pattern, AKA 3-panel construction. Apparently this also helps with preventing ride-up.

So by logical extension, I have decided that what you're looking for is called 5-panel construction, which led me to this very NSFW-feeling page:
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Boxer briefs, Fruit of The Loom, cheap.
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Response by poster: Excellent responses. City Boxers is what I really want, I guess. They're expensive, but if I can specify the inseam length, it might be worth it. Plus they have the most variety. They mention that what I'm looking for is 3 panel boxers.

3 panel boxers is definitely getting more responses on google. That's what I was looking for
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