Where can I watch the NFL in Paris?
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I've recently moved to Paris, and I'd like to know if there are any pubs where I can catch NFL games on Sunday nights. I know they will start pretty late in the evening, but I just want to have a beer and watch a game. Bonus points for places that might air Jets/Giants.
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In London there was a sports bar that served this purpose as well as a cajun food chain. Try googling for sports bar maybe?
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Best answer: Try the Frog and Princess at 9 Rue Princesse.
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A couple of winters ago, I was in in Paris during the NFL playoffs. I remember that at least a couple bars in Montmartre were advertising upcoming games, so I would try there.

I don't know if this is as relevant for regular season though, sorry.
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I can't answer specifically, but Parispubs.com is a good site you can browse by area, quality, price etc. If you look through the "divisions" you will see the nationality of the bars next to the name - there are a good few American ones you could try.
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Response by poster: arco: that's about 4 blocks from my house! merci!
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I used to live on Rue de Buci and there's an American pub that shows games. Not sure the name of it, but it was on the right hand side as you walk from Boulevard San Germain to San Michelle [closer to B.S.G. I recall].
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Here's what I found looking for ways for my Dad to watch tonight's Patriots-Chargers game:

1) This lists Paris bars showing sports events:

For example, the Patriots-Chargers game appears to be playing at McBride's. There's also The Long Hop.

2) Watching NFL games à la maison:

TV: you'll need the North American Sports Network, which is available on CanalSat for 20 euros a month via satellite or your ADSL provider.

Internet: unfortunately Yahoo doesn't show playoffs, but it apparently shows regular season NFL games.

I got most of this info via Google Answers (now defunct), but this Ask Metafilter question was the top hit for "watch NFL Paris", so I hope this extra info helps someone.
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