What is the music on www.zombo.com?
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What is the music on www.zombo.com?

And where can I get it? Failing that, where can I get some free instrumental music similar to that? Is it Bossa Nova? Something with cheesy keyboards, a sort of a 60's Latin feel, reminiscent of "Girl from Ipanema".

I need it for a spoken word project I am working on.
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It's anything you want it to be.
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The music could be anything, at zombo.com. Anything at all.
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Well, I can't get you *free* similar instrumental music, but I can give you search terms. What you are looking for is "lounge music." There is a series of albums called "Ultralounge" that actually has really good lounge music, but if you are looking for cheesy, I'm not sure what to tell you. Depending what you want to do with this, (and yes I know it's not instrumental) you might enjoy Richard Cheese.
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I'm pretty sure you can do anything you want with it. The only limit is you.
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In the source HTML for Zombo.com, there's a link to another website, 15footstick.com, which has a FAQ wherein they mention that they're going to release an album "[p]ut together by the folks who brought you the zombo.com background music." They have an email address for the album listed at that link.
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