Point me to blogs about found objects and such!
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I'm looking for websites that informally catalogue found objects of some sort: sites (particularly blogs) that operate around the thesis of "look at this stuff I found".
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A couple of recent inspirations include Enclosures by our own Miko, and bent records, as mentioned in the blue yesterday.

I'm pretty wide-open for suggestions—I'm finding this sort of thing kind of fascinating at the moment.
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The thingsmagazine blog catalogues the websites that catalogue objects of some sort. It's a great starting point. Then there is always the seminal Found, of course.
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Enclosures is "A collection of ephemera found between the pages of secondhand books" (recently posted to Projects).
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ooops, sorry cortex, should've refreshed before posting :-(
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Check out the Found magazine LJ community for some good user-submitted found items!
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There's a "laundry room swap" somewhere in here... I think it was posted in Projects (and then later on the blue.)
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That one's actually mine, inigo2. Glad to know it's memorable, though. :)
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I used to read a blog that was a guy who would pull a random item out of his junk drawer/attic/desk and write a little blurb about it each day. I no longer have the bookmark, and my Google-Fu is weak today, so I'm afraid I don't have the link, but I'll keep working on it.

I hate to be so vague, but perhaps I'll spark the memory of another answerer.
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Found Photos
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Look at Me, Fotos Encontradas (found objects and photos), not sure it fits with what your looking for so will include it just in case, the stray shopping cart project. Another found photo site called, time tales and object not found which has found photos, postcards and the like.
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Trashspotting. (The author is a fictional character from Achewood, but the trash is real.)
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Keaggy.com has pictures of found grocery lists, rocks that are shaped like shoes, random stuff he found in the street, sad chairs, etc. He is also a nice guy so you should, you know, visit his site.
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Also on Livejournal: Found Notes and Found Objects. Be careful on the latter, there are occasionally pictures of dead things.
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Hey you should look at Found Magazine. And you should definitely go see Davy Rothbart (founder and finder) when is out touring and sharing his favorite found stuff.
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Sorry so late to this thread.

Rock Steady, would you be thinking of "What Is It?"

He usually features old tools and other mechanical thingies.
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