Apple iBook G4 Battery Problem?
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My iBook G4 has lately been winking out, for no apparent reason, as I'm in the middle of something (I have to reset the date each time, among other things). The weird thing is that it only seems to happen when I'm on battery power. When I press the little button on the bottom, it seems to indicate full power. However, I was noticing a month or so ago I was getting weird battery warnings -- saying it was almost out of power, when it said there was 41% power remaining, etc. Has anyone had this problem, and might a new battery somehow be the solution?
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Best answer: Reset the power manager.
posted by cillit bang at 6:02 AM on August 17, 2006

my battery's half dead, and the same thing happens from time to time. it's just unreliable, it says 46% and then just dies

you'll have to get a new battery. I did
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I'm having the exact same problem, for what it's worth.

If you're running 10.4, this might at least let you keep accurate track of your battery life.
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Two friends with new MacBooks have the same problem -- anyone know if this is the same issue?
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