What do these Italian phrases mean in English?
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Help needed with Italian to English translation. I emailed an restaurant in Italy to ask for a reseravation in Italian (cut and paste from a phrasefinder) - they have emailed back to confirm booking (that bit I understand) but have run the next bit through babelfish and still don't understand what they mean...

Se avesse bisogno di indicazioni stradali per raggiungerci
non esiti a contattarci. Nell'attesa di darle il benvenuto a La Chiusa, voglia gradire i nostri piĆ¹.
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Something about not hesitating to contact them if you need directions to get there, and that they look forward to welcoming you.
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Flashman has it.

"If you need directions, do not hesitate to contact us. In anticipation of welcoming you at La Chiusa, I wish you the best."
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Response by poster: Thanks,

Much more elgantly translated than this:

If it had need of street indications in order to catch up outcomes to us not to contact to us. In the wait to give them the welcome to the Sluice, it wants appreciate more our.

Was worried I might be missing something...
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'The Sluice' doesn't strike me as a particularly auspicious name for a restaurant! Though I'd figured it was something derived from 'chiudi' (something like 'help me') which also might give one pause.
I guess it must be a good place for you to be going to this trouble...buono appetito
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(on further reflection, 'chiudi' means 'closed'. Duh)
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