I need a computer that can run Linux, must be small
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I am examining building a linux appliance. I need small hardware. I have looked at mini-ITX. What other small computer options are available?

This would be a telephony appliance with a modem, ethernet port and some kind of solid state storage at a minimum. The exact cfg would depend a lot on what hardware is available out there.
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mini-ITX is probably your most reasonable option. There are also single board 486 or pentium units but they'll cost a lot more. If you don't have some reason why you want to go that small I'd stick with mini-ITX.
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I've run Linux on reference platforms that used the EmbeddedATX
motherboard, and I was surprised at how decently they are considering that the entire machine is smaller than a shoebox.

I'm not sure where you'd buy one, though.
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That should read "surprised at how decent they are considering..."
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I have nothing to add, aside from that 933mhz C64 is sweet.
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they all come with CF sockets onboard, and up to 3 ethernet ports,...

no modem though, although, they have a serial port, if you really need a modem...
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Shuttle XPC. Mine's great. Not quite as small as the mini-itx's, but a bit more upgradable/customizable, and much faster. Quiet, too.
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yeoz, thanks, soekris is exactly the kind of mini-ITX alternative I'm looking for.

daver, I have a Shuttle as my personal PC -- They are great, overkill for this application.

cmokey ill check out the embeddedATX it may also be overkill since it uses a P4.
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For small stuff, it's hard to beat PC/104 on size. PC/104 stacks ain't cheap, though.
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(Yes, I suppose this is my ashamed advertising... I do sell these)

SUMICOM offers some really small form factors, including a CD-ROM sized computer. They're somewhat pricey, though, sorry.
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There are couple of hackable embeded linux devices hidden on the shelves of your local compusa. For instance check out the $50 ActionTec dual modem router. Originally ment to share a modem like between computers over ethernet. But it's easy to update to do you bidding. Seach slashdot for the article on it.
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great idea dirtylittlemonkey. The ActionTec doesnt say it is a voice modem, which I would need in this application, but it might be or be hackable as one. Somthing to check out or look around for other similair dead products from the past.
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