I have XGL/Compiz in Gnome, but want it working in KDE. Any help?
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I have Compiz/XGL working with GNOME, I just want it in KDE instead. I'm running Ubuntu Dapper on my laptop, and I just don't understand the config files.

I have seen a LOT of different how-tos to get it as the default when you boot the system. I don't want that. The way it is now, I can choose XGL/Gnome as a session when I login from GDM, and that's just what I want, only XGL/KDE. And, I want compiz to autostart when I make that choice. I also want to keep the option of non-XGL'd KDE, though, for if/when the composit hits the fan. Any one out there know this (I think it's simple, I'm just WAY too new to Linux to figure it out)?

Thank you all in advance!
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Nevermind, I finally found it!


However, now I only have one desktop... but I think I can take care of that. Thank you!
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