Colored acetate film?
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I'm looking for colored acetate film, like Rubylith, but in different colors (like purple, amber, maybe green, etc.) Does something like this readily exist? And if so, where can I find/buy some (either in rolls or sheets?) Would maybe gels that photographers use to color their lights work?
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Yes, light gels are what you are looking for. Gazzilions of colors, rolls, sheets, pre-cut squares if you care to pay for it. A professional photo store will have some, but theatre supply places will have more. You can also buy online.
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Roscolux, GamColor, and Lee are some names in theatrical lighting gels. Find a Rosco retailer.
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Amberlith already exists. It peels like rubylith does. Is the peeling part important?
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If you just need a coloured acetate film and not the backing, there's Highlander Clearphane -- cheap, and available at crafts stores and florists' supplies places.
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Whether or not it would "work" depends on what you want to "do" with it.
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Do you live near a Guitar Center? They have a section in there for djs and there's always accessories for lighting. You can buy packs of different colored acetate there.
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