Philadelphia couples oriented sex shops?
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Finding couples sex shops in Philadelphia or near Willow Grove PA.

Hurray for good communication. The wife and I have come clean and found we are both up for some experimentation with sex toys.

While my ladylove is gaining openness in our sexual life, I am sure that a trip to a guy oriented porno-store at this juncture would be a bad move and possibly even scare her off.

Anyone know of a couples centered shop for vibrators and the like that is welcoming and helpful?
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There is a store called the Erogenous Zone in Philly that is not trashy and is female friendly. A bunch of my friends have had positive experiences there.
The citysearch profile says it is for outfits, but my friends got other toys there too.
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Do you really have to go to a local store? If you're interested in shopping online, check out GoodVibes. It's very woman friendly.
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I say this as a Philadelphian: take a trip to Toys in Babeland in NYC. It's worth it. It's completely woman- and couple-centric.
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Best answer: Lacey Lady (and the much more informative sister site, Racey Lady) is right in Hatboro - they're great. It's about about a mile away from you, on York Rd, right across from McDonalds. They have it all. They're very couple-oriented and won't make you feel uncomfortable. It's really tiny inside too, so you won't feel intimidated.
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I'm going on vacation for a few days (leaving right now) so I'm going to forget all about this thread, BeerGrin. If you want to know anything else about Lacey Lady you can email me and I'll answer you when I get back on Friday or Saturday.
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I'm also in Philly. Don't do any of the South Street stores... they're gimmicky and for tourists.

The Pleasure Chest on Walnut and 21st (ish) is pretty good.

Babeland in NYC is okay, but it was much smaller than I was expecting and was also pretty touristy (even though it's not in a tourist area).

I highly recommend babeland's online shopping experience though, and they have all sorts of online guides for folks who are new to the sex toy world.
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