Free bulk Canuck geocoding?
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MashupFilter: Where can I find a free online service to geocode Canadian street addresses from (and to) a .CSV file à la Map Builder?

I have a .CSV file with 100 names and street addresses of public libraries in Toronto, each of which requires lat/long data to be useful.

Map Builder seemed to be the perfect solution, except the geocoding service it uses chokes on Canadian addresses.

I don't need a full duplicate of all the services available at Map Builder, as long as I can pull my data back out (with lat/long) in CSV format.

Do any of you fine MiFi folks have exprience with this kind of issue?
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You're in luck because I happened across a Google Groups thread on this just yesterday.

Here it is. It has several links in there claiming to do something like that or similar.
posted by poppo at 8:28 AM on August 15, 2006 does geocoding for Canadian addresses, but I'm not sure about doing lists in bulk. It has an API though.
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