Best / cheapest cell phone for SMS?
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What is the cheapest cell phone options that will be used only for SMS?

I convinced my wife to get a cell phone.. but she doesn't want to talk to anyone really.. she just wants SMS.. What is the best / cheapest - phone / plan that favors SMSing?
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Who is the carrier you'll use? Or does that depend upon the phone? US? UK?
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Response by poster: Update: I am in the US. I personally have T-Mobile.. but my wife doesn't have to be..
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If you can find one on ebay, a cheap Nokia 6800 is great phone for SMS messaging.
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If that's really all she wants it for, then you could consider a two-way pager instead of a phone. You can get a qwerty keyboard that way without paying like you would for a qwerty on a phone.
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tracfone gives you free incoming SMS messages. I could never find any official pricing for SMS so they might do tricky stuff like start charging after after a certain number of messages arereceived. Outgoing costs money.
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You can sign up for one of Virgin's pay-as-you-go plans and add monthly text messaging blocks to it. $5 for 200 a month, $10 for 1000.
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If they're still selling it, you might want to check out the Ogo, which sounds like exactly what you need.
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Add a 200 minutes/month line to your plan and you can get 100-200 messages/month for ~$2-3, plus she can call you if she ever get stranded by the side of the road or something.
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Just to add to my previous comment. The costs of incoming text messages from Tracfone varies according to the phone monel. On the model I had, a Nokia 2600, incoming text messages were free.
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