Whatever happened to courtship?
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Whatever happened to courtship?

OK, this is possible chatfilter, but not in the sense of typical chatfilter questions, along the lines of "so, do what do you think of...stuff?". Although not having a hard answer, I think it is an interesting sociological question.

Whatever happened to courtship?

You know - flowers, being picked up for dates, chivalry, the slow, wonderful blossoming of something without pressure? Has the era of instant gratification killed off the need for it? Or is it more that we are no longer appreciative of taking our time over things?

Is it because we're no longer "ladies" and "gentlemen" as traditionally defined that we bypass what might be seen as archaic conventions?

What about the heart-fluttering moments? What about the silly, butterflies-inducing pointless gestures, the delicious uncertainty and the intense torture of prolonging the consummation of passion?

Why don't these things seem to happen any more? We all seem to want it, right here, right now, up front, without preamble...

There's a lot to be said for preamble.

So... where has it gone? Why?
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