I don't want to be stranded.
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How far away is the bus station in Doolin from the ferry?

I'm going to Ireland next month and considering making a day trip to Inisheer from Limerick (bus, then ferry). The last ferry from the island leaves at 5 pm--taking about 20 minutes according to Lonely Planet--and then the bus back to Limerick leaves at 5:45. Will this be cutting it too close? Or should I take my toothbrush and change of underwear and spend the night?
My suitcase will be too heavy for the bus.
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There's two bus stops in Doolin listed on Bus Eireanns timetables as Doolin (hostel) and Doolin (campsite). Dunno where they are in relation to the ferry but one of them is probably quite close it's a pretty small place. 20 minutes seems a bit optimistic though so I'd take that overnight bag with you just in case. There's tons of places to stay in Doolin though so wouldn't worry about finding accomodation.
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I found the campsite's website which says it's 100m from the pier. I'm guessing this is the campsite the bus stop is at, so you should be able to catch it no hassle if that's the case.
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I'm not sure about the bus stop, but wanted to let you know that if you do get stranded that you couldn't be in a better place. Doolin is lovely. Have dinner at Gus O'Connor's and hear some great music and then sleep in one of the many B&Bs.
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This is the Doolin Ferries site that shows the 5:00 sailing. There's an email address on there that you could try for more information . However, as others have suggested, Doolin is a fabulous place and you should really consider spending a night there if at all possible.
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How timely! My wife and I stayed in Doolin for part of our honeymoon, and visited Inisheer from Doolin.

We did take the bus once over to another town, and the bus stop is in the middle of town; the ferry is a good twenty minute walk or so from that. You're definitely cutting it too close.

Something else to keep in mind - something we found out the hard way. We'd originally planned to take day trips and even stay a night on Inish Mor.

Problem is, we found out, the harbor in Doolin is very shallow, which means that if the tides are wrong, or particularly if the weather is bad, the ferries won't run - the boats are too small for it to be safe, or something. You're best advised to call ahead, and watch the weather (and wind!) forecast. Trust me, we learned that in Western Ireland, a lot of things don't quite run on the printed schedule! (at least not in April-May when we went).

We lost out on visiting Inish Mor because of it, and found out that Rosseveal has high-speed boats that travel in all-weather (we were advised by our B&B host in Doolin that it could make for rough going, since they go regardless of weather) which you can get to via bus from Galway.

If your suitcase is too heavy for the bus, and you're travelling by public transit, dear dog, man, lighten your load!

Inisheer, the only one of the Arran isles we managed to make it to, was well worth the trip.
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Oops. On preview, didn't realize there was a bus from the campsite, probably because it wasn't open when we were there. Still, you're cutting it too close, I think, and should be prepared to stay overnight - and visit the pubs!
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Actually I just double-checked the bus timetable and realised that the 17.45 bus doesn't leave from the campsite only the town centre (and for that matter only until the 24th September).
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The timetable I have for Bus Eireann says line 337 runs twice a day from Doolin to Limerick between 8-11 and 10-28, so it looks like I'll spend the night in Doolin--my original plan was to travel around the country by train and take day trips by bus. I read fast and I'll be bringing enough books for a month , so taking my suitcase on the bus isn't an option.

This was supposed to be my father's 75th birthday gift last year--he LOVES traditional Irish music--but he turned it down and I've had to postpone the trip twice.

I also found the site for Aran Island Fast Ferries but they don't post their schedule online.
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It was pouring rain when I came into Doolin, so as canine epigram warned me, the ferry wasn't running. I napped for an hour, then poked through the shops, looked around the ruined church ( the rain had let up a bit) and walked down to a field overlooking the ocean. I had a nice dinner at The Lazy Lobster and then went to McGann's pub for the evening music ( the rain had started up again, so I didn't go across the road to the other pub). There were people from all over the world there, including a blind Alsatian ( I heard her alternating between French and German with her companion) who played the tin whistle. The woman who works in the pub sang--and has a lovely voice.

It turned out that one loads their own luggage on Bus Eireann (I forgot to print out my train schedules before I left and found out the hard way that the trains to Limerick don't run from Waterford on Sunday) so my suitcase wouldn't have been a problem, but I still stored it for the night at the hotel in Limerick.

The man at the hostel across from the middle bus stop in Doolin demands a euro for use of the toilet--shopping centers, train and bus stations may charge between 20 and 30 euro cents.
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